Mobile security – Nothing is more valuable for your business

There’s a reason why mobile security is one of the most hotly debated topics in the IT industry. Because the risks involved with mobile device use are high. If sensitive company data falls into the wrong hands, major economic damage could be the result, as well as penalties through the GDPR and a loss of reputation. That’s why companies should focus intensely on security measures for their mobile devices and rely on proven solutions.

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Device enrollment program – a quick and easy way to roll out smartphones and tablets

Many businesses use mobile end devices as office equipment. However, rolling out new devices involves a certain amount of effort for IT departments, as each device needs to be configured in accordance with company requirements, or employees need to be taught how to do this themselves. The device enrollment programs used by Apple, Google and Samsung allow smartphones and tablets to be automatically linked to a Unified Endpoint Management system and managed accordingly when they are first set up. This means that the device users can use their devices in line with company guidelines without having to get in touch with their own IT department. This represents huge added value for IT departments and also for users, from which companies can benefit due to the joint portfolio of MobileIron, Telekom and EBF.

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When will YOU become the victim of a cyberattack?

Phishing, vulnerabilities in software and apps, or the loss of cell phones – the risks for mobile devices and the data on them are significant. So it’s not really a question of WHETHER you will be the target of an attack, but WHEN. You should therefore be able to secure your employees’ mobile devices and take immediate security measures in the event of an attack. This is the only way of protecting sensitive data and averting substantial economic damage.

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My job as an IT Support-Specialist:

even when I’m working under pressure, it’s all about keeping an eye on the big picture and staying calm

Imagine if you could combine your favorite hobby and your career? This is a real possibility for anyone with a passion for smartphones and tablets – by joining EBF. We are all about Enterprise Mobility Solutions, managing and supporting the use of mobile devices in businesses. This is a dynamic and futureproof sector, offering a whole host of exciting opportunities for our employees, both now and in the future. And this applies to colleagues in the IT Support Department too. Why? Read this blog post based on an interview with Timo Nickel to find out more.

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Efficient flow of information for critical incidents – thanks to a new alerting feature in Teamwire

Teamwire is one of the leading alternatives to WhatsApp for businesses – it is GDPR-compliant, intuitive to use, and therefore ideal for exchanging messages and data in private or group chats. The messaging service was recently given a new alerting feature for dealing with crises, which is extremely valuable in the case of critical events, disruptions and emergencies. This function can be used to inform employees about critical situations and to coordinate emergency teams – and all this more cheaply, reliably and with a greater reach and impact than alternative alerting solutions like text messaging, e-mail or telephone.

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My job as an IT-Mobility Consultant: Every day is different

The IT industry is seeing rapid developments, especially in enterprise mobility. New technologies are opening up new possibilities, and companies are having to deal with issues like cyber security, the cloud, and mobile payment. The tasks and demands faced by an IT expert are therefore also constantly changing. Which is why there’s never a dull moment for the team at EBF, which develops solutions for complex mobile IT challenges, enabling employees in companies in all sectors and of all sizes to perform mobile work – securely and efficiently. It’s an exciting area full of variety for an IT-Mobility Consultant. But why exactly? Find out in our interview with Nico Hermeling in this blog post.

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