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Over 20 million passwords stolen – companies need to take action

A few days ago another huge data set with stolen user data was published on the Internet. Over 773 million e-mail addresses and over 21 million passwords are said to have been published in plain text – thus opening the way to sensitive data.

And things like that happen more and more often: Login data is stolen and published or traded in the Darknet – for private accounts as well as for company accounts. Since companies cannot fully ensure that their employees choose secure and unique passwords, they should use technologies that monitor credentials and detect abuses and resulting risks in a timely manner. Often users notice far too late that their accounts have been hacked and that sensitive data became freely accessible as a result. We’ll tell you how you can protect your company.

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My job as a System and Network Administrator: We work as a team, not as individuals

EBF makes mastering new challenges – as part of a team rather than in isolation – a reality. At EBF, our team members spend their days handling fascinating cases relating to enterprise mobility – an ever-changing field, where teamwork wins the day. Working as part of a team allows our colleagues to develop their skills and ensures that we can offer clients a truly reliable service – based on state-of-the-art technology, of course. In an interview with Markus Domas, you will learn how the System and Network Administrator team faces up to the challenges that come their way.

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The enterprise cloud – protected by smart guidelines

Seeing your company data fall into the wrong hands is a nightmare scenario for many businesses, yet this is becoming increasingly likely these days, precisely because of mobile access to cloud solutions. Traditional methods, focusing on users themselves, may have been perfectly adequate for desktop computers, but they make no allowance for the type of device used, or the application in question. In other words, they are completely inappropriate for mobile devices. This goes some way to explaining why many businesses are still reluctant to rely on cloud-based solutions, but there are answers to this problem if you know where to look. MobileIron offers MobileIron Access, which uses smart guidelines to prevent unauthorized end devices, users, and apps connecting to enterprise cloud services. At the same time, MobileIron Access also ensures that you no longer need to enter user data thanks to a seamless, single sign-on in secure environments.

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Mobile security – Nothing is more valuable for your business

There’s a reason why mobile security is one of the most hotly debated topics in the IT industry. Because the risks involved with mobile device use are high. If sensitive company data falls into the wrong hands, major economic damage could be the result, as well as penalties through the GDPR and a loss of reputation. That’s why companies should focus intensely on security measures for their mobile devices and rely on proven solutions.

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Device enrollment program – a quick and easy way to roll out smartphones and tablets

Many businesses use mobile end devices as office equipment. However, rolling out new devices involves a certain amount of effort for IT departments, as each device needs to be configured in accordance with company requirements, or employees need to be taught how to do this themselves. The device enrollment programs used by Apple, Google and Samsung allow smartphones and tablets to be automatically linked to a Unified Endpoint Management system and managed accordingly when they are first set up. This means that the device users can use their devices in line with company guidelines without having to get in touch with their own IT department. This represents huge added value for IT departments and also for users, from which companies can benefit due to the joint portfolio of MobileIron, Telekom and EBF.

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When will YOU become the victim of a cyberattack?

Phishing, vulnerabilities in software and apps, or the loss of cell phones – the risks for mobile devices and the data on them are significant. So it’s not really a question of WHETHER you will be the target of an attack, but WHEN. You should therefore be able to secure your employees’ mobile devices and take immediate security measures in the event of an attack. This is the only way of protecting sensitive data and averting substantial economic damage.

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