When will YOU become the victim of a cyberattack?

Phishing, vulnerabilities in software and apps, or the loss of cell phones – the risks for mobile devices and the data on them are significant. So it’s not really a question of WHETHER you will be the target of an attack, but WHEN. You should therefore be able to secure your employees’ mobile devices and take immediate security measures in the event of an attack. This is the only way of protecting sensitive data and averting substantial economic damage.


Phishing – familiar to everyone and yet still effective

One of the biggest dangers for mobile devices is phishing. Here, users are tricked into clicking on a specially prepared URL that can be concealed in e-mails, text messages or other types of communication. This is how either malicious software can be installed on the device unnoticed, or users can be directed to a fake landing page where they are prompted to enter sensitive data, which is then intercepted and misused.

56% of users have already received and clicked on such an URL on their mobile devices. And this number is growing, even though most people are familiar with the principle of phishing by now. However, the channels by which the URLs spread are becoming increasingly diverse, and the way in which the messages and landing pages are prepared increasingly professional.

Read more about the dangers of phishing in a blog article from the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA), of which EBF is also a member.

Sensitive business data in the sights of hackers – in many ways

But that’s not all: vulnerabilities in software and apps, as well as security gaps in the Bluetooth protocol, can also provide a gateway for criminals. Free premium apps are a popular trick – especially for Android, but also for iOS – and in mid-2017, a loophole in the Bluetooth protocol made it possible for devices to be attacked and for malicious code to be activated. And last but not least, careless behavior on the part of users is also a threat to device security.

And all this poses a serious threat for companies because mobile devices, which are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday working lives, provide access to sensitive data. And it is not uncommon for their loss to cause substantial economic damage.

Reliable protection for mobile devices

The good news is that there are many ways in which businesses can protect themselves – from employee training and comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management to special security software solutions (e.g. Lookout or MobileIron Threat Defense). They make it possible to raise awareness among employees, enforce security standards, and to take measures to protect company data in the event of attack– if necessary in fully automated mode without requiring any manual intervention by the user, which helps avert the threat as quickly as possible.

EBF offers companies solutions to this problem and will be happy to advise you about what best covers your needs.

Free webinar from Lookout and EBF

For EBF it is important to point out the dangers at regular intervals and to show how companies can protect their mobile devices. We therefore invite you to a webinar with our partner Lookout on October 30.

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