Redbook – powered by EBF

The experience and expertise of our staff is reflected in their participation in different Redbook projects by IBM. You will find a list of the Redbooks created with the involvement of EBF employees below.

Previously released publications:

  • Redbook Domino Web Access 7 Customization
    EBF Coauthor: Wolfgang Fey
  • Redbook Lotus Workplace release 2.0.1 products and Lotus Domino 6.5.x Together: Integration Handbook
    EBF Coauthor: Mario Gereci
  • Redbook Integration IBM Lotus Workplace with IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Webconferencing (Sametime)
    EBF Coauthor: Mario Gereci
  • Redbook WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Version 5 Development and Design
    EBF Coauthor: Uwe Beel
  • Redbook Lotus Workplace Web Content Management and Content Manager Working Together
    EBF Coauthor: Ziad Hakim
  • Redbook Lotus Workplace 1.1 Products: Deployment Guide
    EBF Coauthor: Mario Gereci und Marco Foellmer
  • Redbook Domino Web Access 6.5 on Linux
    EBF Coauthor: Wolfgang Fey und Marco Foellmer
  • Redbook Lotus Domino for S/390 Release 5: Installation, Customization and Administration
    EBF Coauthor: Marco Foellmer

You will also find further IBM Redbooks directly from IBM.


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