iNotes Design

EBF’s experienced team can customize the design and layout of iNotes to closely match your organization’s requirements and also add enhanced functionality.

One example of a frequently requested enhancement is the import of public holidays similar to the functionality in the Lotus Notes client. EBF has implemented this function under Domino Web Access and can integrate it into your environment. The important public holidays are identical to the data imported into the Lotus Notes client. EBF can also customize documents on selected clients and perform import again when your organization’s IT specialists for example have to change defaults in the Domino directory.

Benefits for your business:

  • Customized iNotes GUI matching your corporate design and organizational requirements
  • Functional iNotes enhancements
  • Development and implementation within your existing IT infrastructure

Example of an iNotes GUI Matching Corporate Design

EBF can implement the design and layout of iNotes customized to match your requirements. The implementation of functional enhancements and customization to match your corporate design is performed using the in-depth experience of our team. An example of successful implementation: