Mobile Device Management with MobileIron

Mobile Device Management with MobileIron

EBF Chooses MobileIron for Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management solution enables administrators to monitor and administer the wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers running popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian cost-effectively and securely from a single management interface.

Secure Smartphone Administration for Mobile Employees

The use of smartphones and tablets based on different platforms in daily business is growing constantly. This increases both the administrative effort involved as well as the requirement for secure access to corporate data, which is why EBF has integrated MobileIron’s virtual smartphone platform into its existing range of products. IT managers are provided with an efficient multi-platform mobile device management solution that enables them to use comprehensive policies in order to centrally manage device functions such as camera, WiFi and Bluetooth deactivation on Apple iOS, Google Android and other leading mobile platforms. Mobile business applications can also be managed with the help of whitelists and blacklists. The IT department can set up a company application store or distribute verified business applications to individual users or groups.

Furthermore, security functions such as settings for a secure VPN connection, passwords, certificates for data encryption on devices and SIM cards can be specified centrally. The system administrator receives a message when a user attempts to modify administrator rights or to make a jailbreak and can take appropriate action.

A further security feature of MobileIron’s multi-platform Mobile Device Management solution is data protection, both during transfer (data in motion) as well as when stored (data at rest) on the mobile devices. Organizations can thus productively deploy smartphones and tablet computers from the extremely fragmented world of Android as well as BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad devices without any security concerns.


Real-time Cost Control Coupled with Process Transparency

Smartphones and tablets are now used partly for business and partly for private purposes (‘Bring Your Own Device’ – BYOD). This makes it necessary to monitor costs, security and data replication. Integrating MobileIron’s smartphone platform into existing IT infrastructures gives IT managers a central view of the contents of the smartphones used, of activities and of applications. They can thus administer all mobile smartphones and tablet computers from one central point regardless of the operating system. They retain control at all times without breaching users’ privacy. EBF makes the data-based Mobile Device Management solution available with real-time cost monitoring, detailed user statistics and charge metering.

Cross-Platform Device Management + EBF.CONNECTOR

The advantage of EBF smartphone administration is that it is compatible with all popular mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone. This reduces administrative effort and saves you money. Security settings as well as configuration can be performed very easily. EBF uses MobileIron’s virtual management platform in conjunction with EBF.CONNECTOR. This is a platform-independent client-server solution with which mobile employees can establish a connection to corporate resources from various back-end systems such as SAP with one simple click. Synergy effects therefore result between existing mobile infrastructures and the use of new smartphone operating systems. Both EBF.CONNECTOR and the MobileIron platform are highly scalable, matching the integrated strategies of large organizations that wish to perform device management via a single platform.

Quality Confirmed by Gartner

The joint installation and simultaneous use of EBF.CONNECTOR together with MobileIron’s management platform is one of the leading solutions for multi-platform mobile device management on the market. Gartner positioned MobileIron as a leader in its 2011 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software.

Our Offering as On-Premises Solution or as Hosted or Managed Service

EBF can install, configure and operate the MobileIron platform as an on-premises solution or as hosted or managed service. As an authorized MobileIron Reseller and qualified consulting company, EBF has already safely rolled out MobileIron’s Mobile Device Management solution to more than 10,000 iPhones and iPads in numerous organizations. This underscores EBF’s competence as the German Mobile Competence Center.

EBF’s experienced team will be pleased to advise you in your mobility project.