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EBF makes your employees mobile and ready for action, wherever they are in the world

The EBF.CONNECTOR provides you with worldwide mobile access to your company data in real time via iOS, Android and Windows.

EBF.CONNECTOR optimizes your mobile communication and sales channels

EBF.CONNECTOR enables managers, project managers or field sales staff to access company data and different backend applications like SQL Databases, FileSystem, O365, SharePoint, Exchange, Notes,...

Are you familiar with those difficult situations?

  • You need the latest sales figures asap but cannot reach your contact at the headquarters
  • Figures on current staff working capacity would strengthen your case to the Supervisory Board
  • Knowing the supplier’s current stock level would facilitate negotiations
  • You cannot access the relevant audience figures when you are on
    the road
  • You’re out of the office and urgently need access to current data such as sales figures, staff capacities, client or patient files, stock levels
  • If the Answer is yes, then EBF.CONNECTOR can help you. With one click you will have an overview of the business data important to you.

    You can retrieve and edit files at any time. Cost-intensive and time-consuming coordination processes among employees are no longer necessary, contributing to the optimization of processes, for example between field staff and office staff. Another result is that laptops will play less of an important role when you are visiting clients.


New architecture

With the new CONNECTOR, we offer a contemporary client-server solution.

The connector is in the new version - in addition to its application to iOS and Android - now also available for Windows 10 devices. He is multi-client and cloud-compatible, as well as individually configurable to your corporate design.

No need for development measures on mobile end devices

The integration of our software into the existing IT infrastructure of your company is web-based and completely user-friendly with convenient centralized administration. Instead of programming - configuring!

Our Offer: Hosted Service, Managed Service and On-Premise

EBF has developed the CONNECTOR to optimize coordination and communication processes in everyday business. It is now available to you as an on-premises solution as well as a hosted and managed service.



  • Available on all major mobile devices
  • Intuitive administrator interface - no knowledge of programming necessary
  • Unique server-based configuration for all mobile devices
  • Full support of MobileIron AppConnect / AppTunnel
  • Integration into different LDAP systems (MS AD, IBM Domino, Novell eDirectory, Open LDAP)
  • Simple mobilization of your databases with our equipment designer tool
  • Support for write, read, update and delete operations
  • Editing and creating Office and PDF documents available within the app
  • Offline functionality
  • Corporate design on all types of devices

Integration Requirements

iOS: Firmware 8.1 +
Android: Firmware 4.2+
Windows: Version 10+
Server platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple

Configuration database server:
optionally MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Supported interfaces:
Web services in general
IBM Lotus Domino
Microsoft Exchange 2013
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft O365
Windows File Server
RSS Feeds
and other …