EBF Delegated Admin

Share administrative tasks on the MobileIron platform

The EBF Delegated Admin enable MobileIron CORE multi-client capability. The distribution of roles and rights by administrators can now be finely adjusted to allow large organizations to easily spread the tasks involved in the administration of smartphones and tablet computers, such as defining/changing security policies, rolling out new devices as well as operation and support to several administrators in different departments or at different locations.

Main Features

  • Gives MobileIron CORE multi-client capability
  • Browser-based access as a web application
  • Authentication via LDAP/AD interface
  • Distributed roles and rights
  • Pooling of several MobileIron CORE appliances
  • Restriction on visibility of mobile terminal devices e.g. for international help desks
  • Representation and implementation in customized corporate design
  • Direct communication with MobileIron APIs (web services)
  • SQL database in the back end for user administration etc.
  • Implementation within a very short time

Benefits for your organization

Savings in terms of time and cost by distributing administrative tasks

Cost saving through lower staff costs for administration

Easy-to-use, transparent administration of large groups of users / larger smartphone pools

Reduced risk of errors

Reduced requirement for training in mobile information technology

Do you want to test the delegated admin tool?

If you have any questions or if you want to test the software, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at ✆ +49 221 / 474 55-0 or write a mail. We will help you soon.


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