EBF Files

EBF Files

Secure mobile access to OneDrive, SharePoint, and Fileserver files

EBF Files – secure mobile access to relevant company data

Efficient mobile working means having constant access to relevant files – user friendly, secure and GDPR-compliant.
EBF Files offers your employees the opportunity to access your file server structures and company cloud services when they are out and about. It can be shared via a central management system, without any configuration effort on the part of end users. Employees can access, edit and share data even when they are working away from their desk.

This makes agile working a reality, as well as increasing service standards for clients and partners alike, and guaranteeing efficient working relationships.

Data containers guarantee security

The Files app provides mobile access to commercially used files from a range of sources (Fileserver, OneDrive, SharePoint). What makes it so unique is that files are saved in a protected “container” on the device and kept separate from any other private files.

EBF Files allows you to access a number of sources, all from the same app.

Permanent access to different file types

Relevant data – e.g. templates, guidelines, emergency plans, and circulars, not to mention product datasheets and price lists – is always available to share with clients, business partners, or colleagues.

Your benefits at a glance

Standard apps delivered with the operating system often don’t offer anywhere near enough protection against unauthorized access and should no longer be used in view of the new General Data Protection Regulation in the business environment.


Professional data is separated from private data by a container to which high security standards apply.

Available offline

Relevant data is also available when the end device is offline thanks to the optional synchronization function.

Data editing

An integral Office editor and additional third-party apps make it possible to edit files comprehensively.

Easy to integrate

The application is easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructures.

Available for iOS and Android

EBF Files is available for iOS and Android and can also be supplied as a customized enterprise/in-house application if required by the customer.

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