Our world is mobile

Increasing numbers of people are experiencing the web via mobile end devices. And not only using smartphones. The boundaries between mobile and desktop are also being increasingly more fluid due to the advent of tablets. Online and offline are merging together. These new requirements of hybrid communication are demanding creative, individual solutions – that go far beyond desktop solutions. EBF is on the ball and reacting to these changes. At its in-house Mobile Competence Center, EBF develops and designs individual mobile business and consumer applications on the leading mobile platforms for your business: customized, easy to operate and future-oriented. Software developers and specialists with many years of experience will advise and support your company during all project phases – from the idea to the planning and development down to the launch and maintenance.

EBF App Development:

  • Individual software development of mobile applications
  • Development for mobile end devices
  • Incorporation of situation-dependent services
  • Expertise and experience with BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile/Phone
  • Expertise and experience with the most diverse device manufacturers/providers
  • Direct connection to databases and synchronization services

Optimize your business with your own business applications

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets in the business world, the need for individual business applications that mobilize work processes is also increasing. As a consequence of the mobilization of communication the demand for new mobile applications and tools is no longer coming only from the IT department but also frequently from the users themselves. For this reason EBF is developing business-related applications for your company, with which you can efficiently optimize internal operations and processes at the same time as saving costs. As an experienced software company, EBF analyzes the processes in your business and advises you specifically on which processes can be made simpler and more efficient and how. Based on this we then program and design customized business applications for your mobile end devices

Benefits for your business:

  • Time and cost savings as a result of process optimization
  • Time and cost savings as a result of permanent mobile data access
  • Higher productivity of the users
  • Future-proof standards
  • Öffnen Sie Neue Geschäftsfelder mit innovativen Consumer Applikationen

Open up new business segments with innovative consumer applications

Due to the wide-ranging possibilities of use such as mobile internet, e-mail, social networking, online storage for photos and files, location-based services, navigation services and many more, smartphones and tablets have become our permanent companions. Already 20 million Germans own a smartphone (Forsa Study: August 2011) and this number is constantly increasing. Organizations with a B2C orientation have to serve this target group if they wish to remain competitive. Via individual consumer apps for mobile end devices they can open up new, strongly growing sales channels or strengthen customer relationships. At EBF’s Mobile Competence Center we design, program and make such innovative consumer solutions available via the AppStore on your behalf.

Benefits for your business:

  • Show presence in new media and ensure a competitive edge
  • Open up new sales markets and channels
  • Improve customer relations management: strengthen customer relations
  • Future-proof standards

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