Implement mobile IT projects successfully

Security and efficiency through EBF’s standardized process model

Mobile IT projects pose major challenges for businesses in terms of data security, cost and effort. Benefiting from the experience gained during customer projects in the field of mobile technologies – including a large number for DAX 30 companies – EBF has developed a systematic process model for introducing and operating comprehensive management solutions for mobile devices, apps and documents.

EBF’s standardized process model

The EBF process model for the introduction of mobile platforms is broken down into the following interrelated phases:

Strategy concept

The strategy concept captures the current “level of maturity” of mobile technology already present in the business and the organizational structure associated with it. Taking this as a base, the business-specific strategy regarding the use of mobile technologies is then defined and described.

Security concept

A security concept is imperative. EBF works with the customer to draw up an individual security concept that covers the customer’s very specific requirements and technological specifics. Parallel to the technical security considerations, the organizational environment required to “cocoon” system security is also defined and described, much like in the strategy concept.

Infrastructure concept

The infrastructure concept describes the technological structure of a solution for managing mobile technologies. It specifies the individual system elements and their interconnections in detail. In its entirety, the infrastructure concept forms the basis for the installation and configuration of the mobile systems.

Implementation concept

The logical transparency of the installation and configuration of systems constitutes an important element in the way system operations are organized. EBF prepares an appropriate customer-specific implementation concept describing in detail what is required for installing and configuring the mobile management solution.

Operating concept

To ensure the mobile solution operates smoothly, EBF defines the corresponding operation framework to match the customer’s specific IT organization and summarizes this in an operating concept.


The insights gained from conceptual planning are incorporated into the implementation of the mobile solution. Since such an implementation requires the appropriate preparation, all the processes required in the rollout stages and their scope (effort and duration) are planned and documented in a structured form. The customer determines the degree of management and support EBF shall provide for implementation and individual phases of the rollout.

Individual measurement of planning effort

In the preparatory phase, EBF undertakes an evaluation of the company’s current “mobility concept status” and, based on this, draws up appropriate activity packages in order to assess the effort and cost of preparing and implementing conceptual planning modules.

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