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As the first distribution partner of Capriza in Europe, EBF will show you, how you can convert frequently used intranet applications with Capriza into high-performance apps – quickly and without high investments. With Capriza you can transform workflows from complex business applications into context-based, user-oriented apps – without any integration or programming necessary.

Real-time access to SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft via smartphone, tablet and desktop

Workflows in desktop applications are not tailored to the operating concept of mobile devices. Capriza reduces the complexity of desktop-based workflows. The self-explanatory Design Module allows users with little or even no programming experience to transform frequently used work processes into Zapps – i.e. intuitive dashboards. These are customized for mobile devices (future-proof) and can be made available and implemented in new infrastructures without any additional investment. In day-to-day business, organizations can now equip their sales force with a Zapp that relieves their call center of the task of activating user accounts.

Companies can also use Capriza software to map data from a wide range of popular business applications like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft to Zapps on tablets and smartphones. Retail chains could, for example, use Capriza to develop a mobile sales inventory solution.

Protecting company data

Capriza never stores data locally on user devices or in the cloud. Communication with business applications is always encrypted. Capriza integrates seamlessly with single sign-on and two-factor authentication systems. Furthermore, MDM and EMM systems like MobileIron, Airwatch, and Citrix can be used to safeguard the business application provided by Capriza.

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