The fastest way to publish your apps

Before you release a new app version to MobileIron, you have to collect information such as its description and the latest screenshots, get hold of the app binaries, check that all this is correct and complete. You also have to sign the binaries with the company’s certificate. One mistake and the app may suddenly stop working and key business processes get disrupted.

This time-consuming process demands considerable expertise, and there is a lot of room for error. Large numbers of emails flow back and forth between internal or external developers, the IT department and the department planning to use the app, and this can create misunderstandings.

The incapptic solution

The innovative Berlin-based startup incapptic connect helps MobileIron user to automatically publish and update mobile apps. This makes the handling of new and existing apps faster and more cost-effective.



Case Study

Learn how the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors and harvesting technology managing their business apps running on 3000 devices with the help of MobileIron and incapptic connect GmbH.

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