License Management

License costs in most organizations are a fixed component of IT expenditure. EBF has developed a program to optimize licenses in order to keep these costs as low as possible. The resulting amount saved frees up capital for additional innovative products.

License management in the conventional sense means registering used licenses manually or automatically, for example with the help of license metering tools. There are a large number of parameters that influence this process: permanent or freelance staff, employee fluctuation, “named” or “concurrent” users, “floating” or “nodelock” licenses, license purchase or leasing, complete or partial functionality. Besides various levels of discount for standard licenses, vendors also come up with new combinations of software each year to offer bundles of single licenses in packages at special prices.

Maximizing Potential Savings

EBF License Management offers far more than conventional license management. It addresses the challenge of finding the most efficient and cost-effective path for the customer between the changing requirements of the customer and the varying licensing models and bundles of the vendor. The program focuses very closely on this constellation, offering the advantage of maximizing licensing models that allow discounts for several product combinations, platforms or configurations.

License Status Analysis Saves Costs

Analyses of various customers’ licensing status have shown that software licenses are frequently deployed unnecessarily, for example when software features are used by others. EBF License Management reveals superfluous licenses and hence offers an ideal opportunity to save costs.

License Procurement and Renewal

EBF is certified for technical support and sales in all areas of IBM software and works very closely together with IBM in the field of software and license management. This status authorizes EBF to offer the full range of customer and vendor discounts. EBF enjoys attractive special conditions that, as a consulting business and software house, it quite naturally passes on to its customers. EBF’s client base includes many well-known German companies. Put our expertise to the test the next time you purchase new licenses or intend renewing existing ones.

Benefits for your business:

  • Analysis of licensing models and bundles
  • Reporting of superfluous licenses
  • Special conditions when purchasing and renewing licenses through EBF

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