The application for secure mobile corporate work

SecurePIM Enterprise enables your employees to access business-critical emails, calendars, documents, and more using iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. All the company’s data is highly encrypted and placed in the secure Container.
With SecurePIM Enterprise, you can grant your employees access to your company’s sensitive data in a simple and reliable fashion, while protecting their privacy.

The future of secure mobile communications is container technology

The future belongs to our SecurePIM Container app. Corporate applications and data are located in a separate area (the Container) on a smartphone or tablet. Sensitive data sent from or received by the device is efficiently monitored and cannot be manipulated. No further security measures are needed.

Intuitive and Highly Secure

With the SecurePIM App, your employees can access company data easily and securely. SecurePIM’s intuitive interface enables employees to use the app immediately on their mobile devices — no costly training is needed. Corporate data is highly encrypted and housed in the secure Container.

Main Benefits

  • Access to emails, contacts, and documents, as well as intranet pages by means of a secure browser and secure camera for iOS and Android
  • Secure and monitored access to corporate data
  • Support for both Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) arrangements
  • Simple alternative to Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions
  • Easy configuration and management via the SecurePIM Management Portal
  • Data is encrypted when sent, received or stored on the device

Have you got questions?

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