Fast and secure enterprise messaging

Teamwire is a fast, intuitive and secure enterprise messaging app. Teamwire helps businesses to solve the Whatsapp problem, increase productivity and improve team communication in the messaging era.

You can send 1:1 and group messages, post status updates to your teams, exchange video and voice messages, and share photos, files, calendar dates and much more. Teamwire fully complies with all European data protection needs, and is a completely private and encrypted solution. The service can be easily managed for the whole organization and ensures company-wide compliance.

Primary Use Cases

  • Real-time messaging to make prompt decisions
  • Instantly reach colleagues when needed
  • Quickly share news and update your team
  • Private messaging to ensure confidentiality
  • Easily exchange content, ideas and knowledge
  • Permanent team channels and virtual meeting room
  • Connect mobile and desktop workers

Key Benefits

Fast messaging and
sharing for teams

Efficient communication and
higher productivity

Higher employee

Secured messaging and
strong privacy protection

Company-wide administration
and compliance

Low total cost
of ownership

Have you got questions?

If you have any questions about Teamwire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at +49 221 / 474 55-0 or write a mail. We will help you soon.


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